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Choosing the Perfect Disney World packages

For decades now, the most enjoyable and memorable of all holidays are the ones where the children and adults are equally holidaying. What could be more fun and magical than the world of Disney? Welcome to the Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland or simply 'Wow!' to most of us. It is a dream vacation for kids and parents alike, so why not check a few ways to looking for just the right Disney World packages?

While hunting for the perfect Disney World packages for your family, make sure you keep the following points in mind:

  • Compare tickets in each package - Disney World offers about 65 varied Disney World packages for your stay. Compare the packages for price differences to save money; say a 2 day Magic Your Way ticket and a 2 day Magic Your Way Hopper ticket will have a difference of about $20!

  • Choose your hotel carefully - Disney World and Orlando is a major tourist attraction for international visitors as well with vacation crowds coming in the hundreds every week. With so many visitors, Orlando offers numerous hotels for your stay. Some of the properties have a lot to be desired and you must be careful while choosing the right place for your family. A neat and beautiful property closer to Disney World would make the best Disney World packages ever!

  • Time Share - These will save you some money on your Disney World packages but the tours are usually high pressured and do not allow you to really enjoy the trip at leisure. Instead opt for good Disney World packages that are at a low cost and yet give you the freedom to explore and have fun at your own leisurely pace.

  • Hidden fees - Some websites offer you low cost Disney World packages and after you have spent half your day looking through it for comparisons; you are hit with delivery fees and other hidden charges! Make sure you book your tickets through an authorized Walt Disney World Resort Ticket agency.

  • Cancellation procedures - Though you are all geared up for a perfect holiday, something could always come up to make you postpone or cancel your vacation. Always read up and understand all cancellation procedures and charges before buying Disney World packages. Some agencies require you to cancel a few days in advance with a small fee; others may charge a hefty amount or not allow you to cancel your Disney World packages at all! Make sure you are aware of all charges and procedures to avoid any disputes or surprises in case of last minute cancellations.

  • Local travel agencies - Probably a better deal could be through the local travel companies in Orlando to offer you Disney World packages. Most of them claim wholesaler rates on the hotel prices and since they are local, they have no offer schemes like a 24 hour no cancellation fee policy. So unless you are arriving in the next 72 hours, you would not be charged a cancellation fee.

  • Transportation - While booking your Disney World packages, inquire about transportation to the various theme parks. Many hotels offer complimentary transportation to the Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and the Sea World theme parks. This is convenient and will save you money as well on your Disney World packages.

Most Disney World packages include 2 to 7 day stays and even allow you to customize your packages. If you are a returning visitor, you are bound to have the information to make your own Disney World packages. If this is your first visit to Disney World, follow a suitable package and ask for recommendations from friends and family who have vacationed there before. Enjoy your vacation with the right Disney World packages!

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